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Melanie Elizabeth


Snake avoidance

As a Search Dog Handler, Melanie regularly trains in both urban and rural settings.

During her rural training Melanie identified a snake bite as the most conceivable risk to her and her working dog.

After serious consideration she decided that gambling on the uncertain outcome of a snake bite was somewhat avoidable.

She then became the driving force behind the development of our effective Canine Snake Avoidance Program.


Seth Pywell


Seth began his dog training career in the late 90's training with

GSDA Chief Training Instructor Dave Keeling (retired).

He went on to hold the highest positions with:

  • CTS (Canine Training Specialists)
  • PCS Animal Control Equipment
  • Canine Cure Pty Ltd
  • Exclusive Canine Services Pty Ltd

Co-founder, Life member & Consultant for:

  • Canine Education & Training Association (CETA)

Decoy for:

  • West Coast Rottweiler Club during National Breed Survey (2012)
  • Sablecraft German Shepherds

Snake Avoidance Program trainer:

Perth Dog Trainers

Seth has lectured to:

Breed Club Presidents, Breed Surveyors, Breed Assessors, Politicians, Council Rangers, Animal Behaviorists, Vets and Obedience Competitors

He also travels Nationwide to attend specialized training workshops, recently attending workshops by Internationally acclaimed competitor Tobias Olynek of Germany.