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Reliable training...

Our goal is to employ clear, humane training systems without compromising the effectiveness or reliability of our commands

We believe that all dogs should be taught obedience in a calm, stress free environment that is conducive to learning

Behaviors are quickly established and once clearly understood by our dogs, time & distractions are added


Then compliance will be obtained after the verbal command every time!  

Our snake avoidance clinics 

incorporate a number of 


venomous snake species non-venomous snake species 


Our training is targeted towards all aspects of reptile interaction:

  • Reptile odour
  • Visual acquisition
  • Prey stimulus
  • Active avoidance
  • Generalization

Protecting loved pets  

Valuable working dogs

Australian native fauna

Snake Avoidance Clinics

Live snakes...

We empower frustrated owners to calmly and confidently maintain control of the home environment

In fact our behavior modification training is so reliable that you will be 100% satisfied with our results or no fee

We are here to help...

Behavior Modification

Guaranteed results...

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