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Snake Avoidance Clinics
Live snakes...

Our snake avoidance clinics aim to minimise the risk of snakebites to our dogs 

by educating them to recognize and avoid the sight, smell and movement of several

species of Australian venomous snakes:


Our training is targeted towards all aspects of canine/reptile interaction:

  • Reptile odour
  • Visual acquisition
  • Prey stimulus
  • Active avoidance
  • Generalisation

Avoid using ineffective aids

Those who employ the use of toy snakes during training are hoping their dogs  will make a connection between the appearance and movement of a rubber snake and the visual acquisition of a live snake.

"No matter how we train,
our dogs will never confuse
a toy snake, dead snake or snake skin
with a live snake."

This type of training is dangerously ineffective in situations where snake odour attracts our dogs attention, resulting in our dog nosing around in leaf litter unable to see the venomous snake below.

"We believe our dogs should be taught

to avoid all aspects, of all snake species,

in all environments."

Remote training equipment

Used correctly the remote training collar is a safe and revolutionary tool.

It gives our dogs instant and consistent feedback from a distance without any perceived connection to our trainers. It is important that our dogs understand that all corrections are avoidable and caused by the snake alone.

"It is better for us to teach our dogs

that snakes are dangerous, 

than for a snake to teach them."

Australian statistics

Snake bites on dogs

  • .76%  Brown snake 
  • 13%  Tiger snake
  • 4%    Black snake
  • 1%    Taipan
  • 6%    Unknown

An estimated 60,000 snake bites occur on dogs across Australia each year

(The Veterinarian: January 2005 edition)

I keep and house working terriers on my rural property. I have lost several dogs to snake bite as they are very inquisitive.

I attended the Snake Avoidance Workshop with my 10 month old terrier and I have to say, the results where impressive. I have actually witnessed my 10 month old terrier get well clear of a tiger snake near the wood shed and on another occasion he backed off from the water trough, I investigated and found a young tiger snake living under it.

Maybe coincidence but I doubt it.

I recommend this course to anyone who lives on a rural property.

Lee & Jo

Patterdale Terrier owners

"Whilst attending this course

I was impressed with the professional attitude of the course organizers and the outcome achieved by my dog.

I now consider my dog to be snake proofed after seeing the way he avoided a snake in the bush about 5 weeks after that course.

For anybody working in the field of search & rescue work or just club tracking then please consider attending this course.

It may just save your dogs life."

Michael Margot

Progressive Search Dog Trainer