Behavior Modification & Obedience

"I had been having major problems with my 10 month old Dobermann Bitch, redirecting aggression to my older male Dobe when I tried to let them out on the property to give them a run. The instant we went to the gate the aggression would begin, the young bitch would start behaving aggressively and the instant I reprimanded her and tried to make her stop, or grabbed her by the collar she would have a go at my male Dobe. It got to the point I believe she was going to redirect at me, which is unacceptable behaviour in anyones life with dogs. She was acting frustrated and the aggression was getting worse and I was unable to run them together.

I had also begun training her with obedience, teaching her the basics, which I found frustrating as she was very exuberant, she has strong drive and is top speed all the time and I just couldn't slow her down.

 I have bred and trained Dobermanns for the past 30 years, yet this bitch was turning out to be a challenge even for me.

I contacted Seth Pywell from Perth Dog Trainers, asking him for his advice and help. I made an appointment so we could sort out the problems i was having with my bitch!

Seth came to my property, i explained what was going on, he explained the reasons for the problems I was having, he explained clearly what the issue was, and offered a solution, and in no time i was seeing results, no aggression, little resistance, the bitch became focused and compliant.

The training systems Seth uses and has in place work, his ability to read a dog I found exemplary, I like that he made it very clear to the dog what is expected, so there was little room for error, which helped the dog understand what was expected of her.

I am totally in awe of this mans ability to communicate with any dog, and offer the right system to correct undesired behaviour, and see solutions he offered to eradicate the aggressive behaviour I was experiencing with my young Dobe.

He continued the session with how to train the obedience systems I needed to learn to ensure the dog fully understood what was expected of her.

The results are nothing less than amazing, seriously, I can highly recommend this mans ability as a dog trainer as pure genius.

If you are having a problem, or just need some advice about how to teach your dog some manners, maybe you would like an obedient pooch.

Perth Dog Trainers are the people you can trust to give you the advice you need, I highly recommend them." 

Paula Brown

Dobenaire Dobermanns

Temperament Assessor NDCA

Dobermann Rescue WA

Behavior Modification

"Our wonderful Zeus had been returned by his previous owners because he was too intense to handle.  But that didn't help with the complete overwhelming sensation of realizing we didn't know what we were doing. There was a sense of panic when I realized that my long awaited puppy scared me.

Working with Seth, my Zeus became calm and responsive. We began learning how to "talk" to our dog in his language. I whole heartedly recommend Seth to every dog owner. Especially those that have naughty / intense / excitable - or any other labeled dog. Just wait and see."

Rachel & Aaron

German Shepherd owners


"Seth came with high recommendations from a respected friend. I have a working line Rottweiler and found all the experts advice contradictory. Seth worked with my dog for a short period of time and I was impressed as my dogs true potential came through.

While my dog learned quickly it was Seth's patience and interpersonal skills that made the whole process come together.

I highly recommend this training method. Combined with a trainer like Seth I believe this will be evolutionary in the dog training world."


Rottweiler owner

Snake Avoidance

"Whilst attending this course I was impressed with the professional attitude of the course organizers and the outcome achieved by my dog. I now consider my dog to be snake proofed after seeing the way he avoided a snake in the bush about 5 weeks after that course For anybody working in the field of search & rescue work or just club tracking then please consider attending this course.

It may just save your dogs life."

Michael Margot


Search Dogs Australia

Perth Dog Trainers Testimonials

Perth Dog Trainers


My name is Jason Bell and my dog is Jax an 18 month old German Shepherd from Sablecraft.  I cannot speak highly enough of Seth.

Seth has implemented clear and precise systems that have seen my goals for Jax materialize,  every time we train its like unwrapping presents Christmas morning, watching both Jax and myself move from one goal to the next on our obedience, protection and tracking pathway is an amazing experience I have Seth to thank for.

Jax and myself want to be counted amongst the best without Seth being an integral part of the team we would not make it.

Jason Bell

German Shepherd owner



I first met Seth Pywell five years ago in a dog training capacity and can honestly say that I have learnt more about dog training/behaviour in that time than I did in my previous thirty-five years of dog ownership.
His vast knowledge and experience with all breeds (and especially working-line breeds) is second to none in WA and his passion for dog training shines through in the results he enables you to achieve with your dog.
I would not (and do not) hesitate to recommend his services to anyone wishing to gain an insight in to their respective training problem/s.
I also thank you for your friendship Seth - it is truly appreciated

Heather West-Barron
Head Trainer

Canine Education & Training Assoc.